Dust Collector

Pulse Air Cartridge type Dust Collectors.

Applications of Dust Collectors

Cartridge type dust Collectors are Cartridge filters with automatic cartridge cleaning by compressed air pulses.
Dust Collectors serves for the dry separation of dust from exhaust air in areas like:

 Plastic Processing Industries

Pharmaceutical Industries

Food processing Industries

Cement and Mineral Industries

Powder Coating Industries

Pneumatic transport of solids
Air conditioning Plants

Dust Collector
Dust Collector

Characteristic Features of Dust Collectors.

 Pleated filter material offers multifold filter area [5 to 6 times] compared to standard filter elements with
    same specific dust loading in Dust Collectors.
 Highly efficient filter cartridges imported from R & B filter GmbH. Germany is used in Dust Collectors.
 Filter medium in Dust Collectors made of paper or synthetic non- woven material made of needle
     felt depending on application
 Compact construction leading to modest floor space requirements.

Dust Collector
Dust Collector

 Dust Collectors low compressed air consumption combined with high efficiency reverse pulsejet cleaning
     with venturi nozzle.
  Operating temperatures up to 80 degree centigrade and up to 200 degree centigrade on request.
 Material of construction in Dust Collectors: stainless steel or mild steel.
 Long life - better quality- economical and reliable solution to any dust extraction problems
  Complete filter unit quipped with compressed air header, pulse piping valve, pulse timer,
     Filter Cartridge, venturi nozzle and pressure manometer

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